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Enjoy a walk on an idyllic sandy beach during your Fraser Island Vacation.

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    Why You Should Book a Tour of Fraser Island

    Known as K’gari, or “paradise,” in the local Butchulla language, this wildly beautiful island off the east coast of Australia more than lives up to its name. Besides gorgeous white sandy beaches and ancient dunes, Fraser Island boasts crystal clear lakes, lush rainforest, and an abundance of wildlife—including the purest strain of dingo in eastern Australia today. Tourlane makes it easy to book an unforgettable adventure of the world’s largest sand island—you can book your flights, transfers, accommodation, and guides all in one place. Our Travel Experts will help you create a tailor-made vacation based on their local expertise and your travel preferences. Get started today!

    1. Discover one of the 100 freshwater lakes at Lake McKenzie (or Boorangoora) during your Fraser Island Tour.

      Lake McKenzie

    2. Plan your Fraser Island Tour during the whale watching season and admire one of the biggest animals of the world.

      Whale Watching

    3. Discover the rusty Maheno shipwreck on the 75 Mile Beach during your Fraser Island Tour.

      75 Mile Beach

    4. Hike accross the luxurious Pile Valley Rain Forest during your Fraser Island Tour.

      Pile Valley

    What to See During Your Frasier Island Vacation

    Wondering where to start? Discover the unmissable places our Travel Experts recommend visiting during your Fraser Island vacation.

    1. Lake McKenzie

    Out of Fraser Island’s more than 100 freshwater lakes, Lake McKenzie (or Boorangoora) is probably the biggest draw with its crystal clear water and stunning white sand. This unique “perched” lake contains only rainwater, meaning it’s not fed by groundwater, streams, or the nearby ocean. Not only is the vividly blue water of this oasis incredibly clear, but you’ll also find velvety soft silica sand beneath your feet as you wander around the shore.

    2. 4WD Tour of 75 Mile Beach

    Along the eastern shore, you’ll find 75 Mile Beach. But this gorgeous 75-mile stretch of beach facing out into the Coral Sea does double duty—it also contains the island’s main highway complete with road signs and speed cameras. Hop in a 4WD to enjoy what is undoubtedly one of the best coastal drives in the world. As well as trekking along on white sand with the wind in your hair, there are plenty of other attractions to see while you’re there, including the Maheno shipwreck, Eli Creek, and the bubbling waters of the Champagne Pools.

    3. Stonetool Sand Blow

    Sand blows are dunes that move across the island with the wind, engulfing forests and other vegetation. Some of these ancient dunes can stand as high as 240 meters, and the oldest dates back over 700,000 years. Stonetool Sand Blow is an active sand blow that is slowly moving to uncover an ancient forest that once stood in the path of its sands.

    4. Pile Valley

    Head to Pile Valley to see the ancient rainforest surrounding Central Station in the heart of Fraser Island. Not only is it a UNESCO World Heritage site, but you’ll find a photo opportunity at every turn among the towering Satinay trees, Kauri pines, and other incredible native fauna that has flourished here for thousands of years. This is the only rainforest in the world that can grow on top of sand, and it’s well worth taking a bushwalk beneath the sun-dappled canopy as you listen to the peaceful bird calls echoing through the trees.

    5. Whale Watching

    Ever wondered what a humpback whale does on vacation? There’s a reason Fraser Island is one of the best places in the world to spot whales. From August to November, the humpback whales head to the protected waters of Hervey Bay, stopping off for days or weeks to relax, socialize, and nurture their young. The whale watching here is vastly different as the humpbacks aren’t migrating. Many visitors describe coming face-to-face with the naturally curious and playful ocean giants as they slap their tails and breach into the air close to the boats.  Less

    Other Places to Visit During Your Fraser Island Tour

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