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South America: Tailor-made

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Welcome to South America

Whether it’s the world’s longest mountain range (the Andes), an eddy of stars scattered across a skyline found in Chile’s thirsting Atacama Desert, or a visit to the hedonistic hotpot Buenos Aires, South America is full of divine findings. This continent of the new world, with its 430 million residents, is sure to seduce you on first sight. Explore the rich with wildlife, take in the growth-spurting natural landmarks, and sip a mate (or aguardiente) and saddle up (gauchos) as you take in the cosmic size of this historic continent.

From the Atacama to the Amazon


Rich with the finest grapes found in Mendoza and moved by the rhythms of tango, Argentina is a contrasting land of natural phenomena and pulsating city life. To begin to understand an Argentine is to embrace their passions: football, food, conversation, and dance. But there is more to be uncovered here, an eclectic mix of modern art, people, and literature give the nation a contemporary feel. Whichever direction you take in South America’s second largest country, rest assured it’ll be a path full of seduction and enchantment.


The gliding straight of South America, Chile is famed for friendly welcomes, endowed beauty (Torres del Paine National Park), and its multifaced capital, Santiago de Chile. Be mind-blown by the mud-cracked, mountainous terrain of the world’s driest desert, the Atacama. Visit a Great Wine Capital at Casablanca Valley, and as night falls, enjoy a national dish (curanto) as locals embrace an evening of song and the playful dance known as Cueca.


On the western coast by the Pacific Ocean is Ecuador, adorned by a series of islands known as the Galápagos, full of wonderous wildlife such as iguanas, tortoise, and geckos. On the mainland, Ecuador is a country with many unique facets. The country is a trove of biodiversity and is home to the oldest metropolis in the world, Quito. Visit the mountainous watershed Mindo as it meets the western slopes of the Andes.


An Andean state that trails the path of the Inca, Peru is an ideal destination packed with historic importance and a mountaintop full of mystery. Hike Machu Picchu (7,970 feet above sea level) and learn of this Lost City. Visit the capital Lima on the western coast to enjoy a beachside cycle and fine cuisine. The Amazon River, with over 2,500 known species of fish, mammals, and amphibians, makes for a thrilling boat trip.

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