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South America, Argentina, view of Ushuaia offshore with snowy mountains in the background.

Ushuaia Vacations

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    Travel to Ushuaia on Vacation

    Travel to Ushuaia to experience the most southerly town on earth. With a population of 56,000, Ushuaia is located within the bewildering province of Tierra del Fuego. Bounded by Martial mountain in the north and to the Beagle Channel to the south, it acts as a gateway to Tierra’s sublime national park, and provides superb hiking, kayaking, and wildlife spotting opportunities. During your Ushuaia tour, visit the Maritime Museum and learn of the harsh living conditions of once prisoners, as well as the wildlife that inhabit the surrounding icy waters.

    1. Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

    2. Tierra del Fuego National Park

    3. Martillo Island (Yécapasela Island)

    4. Beagle Channel

    5. Cami Lake

    6. Escondido Lake

    7. Punta Arenas

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    Things to Do in Ushuaia

    1. Maritime Museum

    The island’s Maritime Museum is housed in Tierra del Fuego’s first prison, as Ushuaia was once a penal colony— known as the “Siberia of Argentina.” You will learn about these inmates’ daily lives and some of the notable figures incarcerated there—as well as explore the seafaring history of the area.

    2. Tierra del Fuego National Park

    If you’re looking for eye-watering scenery of sweeping forests and glacial lakes during your Ushuaia tour, visit Tierra del Fuego National Park. Various outdoor activities are also located within the park, with enough exotic wildlife to leave you short of breath at this haven for nature lovers.

    3. Martillo Island (Yécapasela Island)

    In Spanish, the Martillo or “Hammer” island gets its name from its unusual topographical shape, though it is known in the native Yagan language as Yécapasela Island, meaning “sturdy rock.” Either way, the Island is an ideal place to spot penguins while on a Ushuaia vacation. From September to April, over 1,000 Magellanic and Gentoo meet here to form rookeries.

    4. Beagle-Channel

    When you travel to Ushuaia, cruise the Beagle Channel to explore the spectacular coastline. As you sail, watch for seabirds like Albatrosses, Cormorants, and Petrels. The straight, stretching almost 150 miles, is just over three miles wide allowing for easy stops to view the local fauna. Drop anchor at Sea Lion Island to watch the playful colonies fish and lounge.

    5. Fagnano Lake

    Lake Fagnano rests at the foot of Muchi Mountain and, being 62 miles east to west, it’s the largest lake of Tierra del Fuego. Hike the shoreline for magnificent views of Patagonian forest before visiting Tolhuin, the small town on the lake’s eastern shores. Grab an empanada at the famous bakery Panadería La Unión and admire the signed photographs of the luminaries who have eaten there.

    6. Escondido Lake

    Escondido or “Hidden” Lake is indeed concealed within the Garibaldi Pass. Drive through the Fuegian Andes and peat bog valleys to reach its placid waters. Enjoy a day of fishing for brown and rainbow trout and see beavers engineering their homes. This lake is known to be very windy, so make sure to bundle up.

    7. Punta-Arenas

    Located between the Torres del Paine National Park, the Strait of Magellan, and Tierra del Fuego, Punta-Arenas is the perfect focal point for anybody venturing further into the natural wonders of Argentina. Visit the Sara Brown Palace and the Brown Menendez Residence, relics of the municipality's proud pioneering history, and take a stroll down the dock as the sun sets. Less

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