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View of the port of Valparaiso at night

Valparaiso Tours

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Valparaíso Vacation

    Valparaíso is one of the distinctive cultural cities of Chile. The enchanting port city and seat of the Chilean parliament has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003 and attracts visitors from all over the world every year.

    The charming city character is world-famous and will simply inspire you. The Chilean Vaplaraíso is about 80 miles away from the capital Santiago de Chile and is located on a bay of the Pacific Ocean, which is open to the north. Less

    1. Valparaiso Cerre Alegre

      Cerro Alegre district

      A sea of small alleys

    2. Valparaiso Vina del Mar

      Vi√Īa del Mar

      Palm boulevards and sandy beach

    3. Valparaiso Zapallar Beach

      Zapallar Beach

      A charming coastal region

    What to See During Your Valparaiso Vacation?

    1. Port of Melle Prat

    Would you like to discover more of the port city during your Valparaíso journey? Then how about a tour from the port of Melle Prat? This way you will have the opportunity to see Valparaíso with its numerous hills from the sea and enjoy a fabulous view. The Naval Museum is also a constant source of inspiration for visitors, which is why it is well worth the trip.

    2. Cerro Alegre Quarter

    Valparaíso consists of a sea of small alleyways in which there is a lot to discover. Especially worth seeing is the historic city centre around the Cerro Alegre, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Therefore the Chileans proudly call Valparaíso the "Pearl of the Pacific".

    3. Vi√Īa del Mar

    The nearby holiday resort Vi√Īa del Mar is especially known for the "Internacional de la Canci√≥n de Vi√Īa del Mar", one of the most important pop-festival in Latin America. But even without musical events the place is worth a visit during your Valpara√≠so trip. Especially the beautiful beaches with their palm boulevards offer a great view and also the Parque Sausalito invites visitors to stay.

    4. Zapallar Beach

    North of Valparaíso, there are also numerous dream beaches that invite to extended sunbathing, swimming, diving, surfing and snorkeling, so that also these travel desires are considered. One of the most picturesque places in Valparaíso is the Zapallar Beach. Here bright sandy beach meets picturesque hills and the lush flora forms an impressive contrast to the turquoise water. Without a doubt, Zapallar Beach is one of the most charming coastal regions in all of Chile. Less

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