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Turtle on the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Cruise

Explore the breathtaking islands of the Galapagos in style

  • From 8 days
  • Cruise
  • All year
  • 5-8 hours

Go on a Galapagos Islands cruise to discover the world-famous wildlife haven. Each one of the 21 islands has a dazzling array of wildlife, from marine iguanas to giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies to sea lions. Stay aboard the MC Anahi for your luxury Galapagos cruise, where you’ll be treated to the sea breeze and luxurious meals on board every evening. In the mornings, unleash your inner seafarer aboard a Zodiac dinghy, disembarking to explore a new island each day.



  • 1. Baltra Island

    Start your Galapagos cruise on Baltra Island and ride Zodiacs to your yacht, the MC Anahi. Enjoy a champagne reception and travel across the Itabaca Channel to the neighboring island of Santa Cruz, home to Las Pachas beach. It’s here that thousands of sea turtles come every January to lay their eggs. In April, it’s home to thousands more, when the eggs hatch, becoming a beloved event on the Galapagos calendar.

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  • 2. Genovesa Island

    Land on Genovesa Island, perched on the northeastern extreme of the Galapagos and also known as Bird Island—you’ll quickly see why. Look through your binoculars for frigate birds, red-footed boobies, and Darwin’s finches. Kayak around the shore of the island before conquering the 82-foot high Prince Phillip’s Steps, ending on the best bird-spotting point on the island. After all this avian activity, recharge back on the yacht with a cocktail.

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  • 3. Plazas and Santa Fe Islands

    Wake up off the shores of the Plazas Islands, tiny islets that are home to some quirky wildlife. The rocky coastline is covered in sunbathing iguanas who follow trails through alien-like cactus forests. At the island’s peak, look down for views of pelicans swooping past, collecting huge numbers of fish in their giant beaks—even on a Galapagos tour, Santa Fe has some wacky wildlife.

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  • 4. San Cristobal Island

    San Cristobal is the oldest inhabited island in the Galapagos and home to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the island’s capital. Take a look at the statue of Charles Darwin, a must-see for any Galapagos vacation. Back on the yacht, drop anchor at Leon Dormido, a huge, lion-shaped rock. It’s the perfect place to dive off the yacht in search of the enormous manta rays who wander the depths.

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  • 5. Junco Lagoon

    During your Galapagos tour, explore the highlands of San Cristobal, home to Junco Lagoon, an ethereal green lake in the center of an extinct volcano. Head to the Cerro Colorado Tortoise Center for a date with the Galapagos’ most famous residents: the giant Galapagos tortoises. These regal reptiles can live up to 170 years and weigh up to 800lbs. Learn the incredible conservation effort at the center, before watching them make their slow-motion progress around the island. 

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  • 6. Española Island

    After another night on the MC Anahi, you’ll arrive at Española Island, a beautiful, rocky land on the southern end of the Galapagos Islands. Catch the Waved Albatross and Blue-footed Boobies who call this island home, showing off their bizarre mating dances. Española is home to marine iguanas with blotchy red coloring, an incredible sight even by the standards of a Galapagos tour—remember your camera!

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  • 7. Floreana Island

    Sail west to Floreana, the perfect last stop on your Galapagos tour. Start the day in Punta Cormorant and its enormous colony of Galapagos flamingos. Snorkel above the Corona del Diablo, a submarine volcano. Look out for alien-like hammerhead sharks exploring the waters, in search of their prey. End your day traveling back to Baltra, accompanied by pods of dolphins frolicking in the waves—a fitting end to your once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos Islands cruise.

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