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A view of one of Fiji's Mamanuca Islands from the sky

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Welcome to the South Pacific Islands

From cove riddled islets to better known dreamboat destinations such as Hawaii, the sun-kissed beaches and personal charm of the South Pacific Islands will fulfil any fantasy you can imagine. South of the equator, expressive natives greet you on arrival, as do tropical climates, palmed tree settings, and one of a kind flora. Boat hop these sublime islands and experience the diverse eateries, languages, and natural phenomena found when exploring the mouthwatering islands of the South Pacific.

The South Pacific Islands Experience

Reefs bubbling with marine life, clearwater lagoons that are perfect for water sport activities—the South Pacific Islands have it all. Kayak, sail, or a deep dive further reveals an underwater world full of colorful creatures and natural wonderment. On land, visit villages to learn of sacred rituals as you embrace native communities who live on and from these exotic lands. A hike, fish or snorkel would make any top ten list of things to do in the tropics.

Best Time to Visit

Generally, the climate in the South Pacific is tropical and warm year-round, with a hotter, more humid period from November through April. Hawaii has a dry season from April to October and the wet season is from November through March. Fiji experiences a rainy season November through April and averages 68°F to 86°F yearly. On the Cook Islands, it can get chilly in the evenings (June to August), even after fine sunny days (80°F). Bringing a warm piece of clothing for cooler evenings is recommended on your trip to ensure that evening activities are fully enjoyed. French Polynesia is a popular travel destination from April through October and provides a lovely climate.

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