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Go on a Cook Islands vacation to see palm trees on white sands of Rarotonga Muri Beach Lagune.

Cook Islands Vacations

Fifteen unspoiled islands

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    Why Embark on a Cook Islands Tour?

    The enchantment of the fifteen Cook Islands is apparent from the second you gaze at the shimmering blue waters, as you land on the main island of Rarotonga. Palm-lined beaches, breezy beach winds, and epic forests are the norm here. The further you go, the more unspoiled it gets. Visit Aitutaki and see why the Cook Islands exude serenity.

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    What to Do During Your Cook Islands Trip

    Punanga Nui Market

    The Punanga Nui market takes place in Avarua, the capital of Rarotonga, every Saturday, a perfect immersion into daily life on these majestic islands. Countless food stands with local delicacies, antiques, and handmade souvenirs create a market buzz. Don’t forget to catch the local concerts and dance performances on the main stage.

    Te Rua Manga (The Needle)

    Colloquially known as The Needle, Te Rua Manga is an unmissable stop on a Cross Island hike, a landmark of the Rarotonga Island. This striking, unique landform that rises majestically out of the surrounding jungle epitomizes the unspoiled nature of the Cook Islands.

    Cook Islands National Museum

    A variety of interesting artefacts await you at the Cook Islands National Museum. As a paean to the South Pacific Islands, this Museum is perfect for those who wish to explore the history and culture of this region of the world. Replicas of exhibits from other museums as well as temporary exhibitions complete the offer.

    Te Manga

    The highest mountain in the Cook Islands, Te Manga stands at  2,000 feet - taller than any skyscraper in the United States. Located on the main island of Rarotonga, Te Manga has several hiking trails that lead through a thick forest, which stretches over all the mountain slopes. Keep a look out for the remarkable biodiversity as you hike along this isolated terrain. Less

    When is the Best Time to Visit The Cook Islands?

    There are high temperatures all year round on the Cook Islands, and given their proximity to the equator, the climate hardly fluctuates. Between November and March, however, the islands see a warmer rainy season with tropical showers. Cyclones can also occur during this time. In the dry season from April to October temperatures between 60° F and 80° F are common. With an average of 77°F, June to October is the best time for a trip to the Cook Islands, especially if you want to avoid the rainy season.

    What is the Best Way to Travel to the Cook Islands? 

    The best way to travel to the Cook Islands is to fly there. The Cook Islands  are approximately nine hours flight time from Los Angeles, four hours from New Zealand, and six hours from Sydney. There are four airlines flying from the Cook Islands to the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. This unique geographical positioning makes the Cook Islands the perfect place for a stop over vacation when flying between the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

    Which Cook Islands Are Best to Visit? 

    The fifteen beautiful Cook Islands are broken into two groups: the Southern Cook Islands and the Northern Cook Islands. If you want to enjoy stunning beaches and fantastic scuba diving while staying in a resort hotel, consider planning a trip to Rarotonga. If you like hiking and want to visit a volcanic island that is at the center of a fantastic coral reef, we recommend Atiu. If you’re looking for seclusion and crystal clear waters, Aitutaki is a great place to visit. 

    Where Are the Cook Islands?

    The fifteen Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean, to the northeast of New Zealand and to the southwest of the United States. They are roughly halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. The Cook Islands belong to the continent of Oceania. They share the same timezone as Hawaii (HST). They are some of the most remote islands in the world.

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