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Travel to Bora Bora on Vacation

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation to the idyllic, secluded haven of Bora Bora, located in the South Pacific? You’ll be awestruck at the clear turquoise waters, endless white sands, and amazing hospitality . Over-water bungalows adorn a pristine coastline which is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Whichever way you look, you’ll be constantly reminded that this paradise island is one of the most beautiful in the world. Start planning your Bora Bora vacation with Tourlane today!

  • Mont Otemanu

  • Matira Point

Things to Do in Bora Bora

1. Mont Otemanu

If you enjoy hiking, then a visit to Mount Otemanu is a must. It boasts a 2,385-foot peak that towers above Bora Bora and outlines the extinct volcano at the center of the island. Visible from just about any part of the island, Otemanu beckons you with its jagged curves. Another way to explore the mountain is to take a day trip onboard a 4x4. Stretch your legs and snap some pictures of the shimmering waters from above.

2. Amanahune

If you’re coming to Bora Bora for your honeymoon and are looking for a romantic moment, then head to Amanahune for something out of the ordinary. This lookout point is located high above the Pofai Bay and offers incredible views as far as the eye can see. An insider’s tip from our local Travel Experts: Come here in the early evening to witness the sunset melting away in the vast horizon.

3. Parroquia de San Pedro-Celestino

Visit this quaint temple for a moment of reflection during your trip to Bora Bora. This church’s white-streaked columns reveal a modern aesthetic. The lush green mountains behind it also invite you in to one of the island’s secret treasures.

4. Alain Despert Artist Studio

Once you’ve seen the beauty of Bora Bora, It’s easy to understand how artists derive endless inspiration from its shimmering lagoons and velvety beaches. If you’re interested in art, check out local postmodern painter Alain Despert’s studio, the perfect cultural foray for anybody looking for a break from the beach. Make an appointment and see why this French artist is held the same high regard as Warhol and Haring, a painter whose brushstrokes evoke the perfect Polynesian aesthetic.

5. Pofai Bay

Tranquil waves, shallow waters, and extraordinary views—what could be better than to drink a Bloody Mary here as you overlook the sunset? The Pofai Bay is a must-see during your trip to Bora Bora. When you dip your feet into these enchanting waters, you’ll understand why it’s been photographed time and again.

6. Matira Point

Some of the best restaurants and cocktail bars await you at Matira Point, as do spectacular sunrises and sunsets. A wind blows along the coast here; many people travel to the southernmost point of the Bora Bora just to feel the unique extremity of being at the end of the island. Less

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