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Julian and Julian

The Tourlane Story

    Julian Weselek and Julian Stiefel grew up together in Heidelberg as childhood friends. Today, they’re the founders of Tourlane, a Berlin-based travel company with over 300 employees that’s redefining what it means to travel in the digital age—and quickly.

    By combining expert travel knowledge with innovative technology, Tourlane creates bespoke itineraries that take travel to the next level. The two Julians understand that planning a trip is time-consuming and stressful for people with busy lives, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have the experience of a lifetime. 

    In a competitive market, Tourlane’s specialized software ensures that offers are made at the best available price. Researching a destination almost always begins on the internet, but a high volume of offers can soon make a traveler disorientated. Both Julians recognized this and have committed to developing a travel company that removes any concerns and takes care of the planning. 

    “Our customers often struggle with the amount of travel options available online. They want a travel company that takes care of all their booking needs, whilst providing a personal, tailored service. Tourlane provides real-time support for our customers and uses digital technology to make each individual booking seamless. Our Travel Experts make offers that are non-binding—we want to show our customer what they can experience with Tourlane, before booking,” explains Julian Stiefel.   

    Mann überblickt Landschaft mit Bergen und Seen.

    Whether a safari tour in South Africa, driving the Great Ocean Road of Australia, or seeing the rustic beauty of the Scottish Highlands—Tourlane provides trips that range from affordable self-drives to luxury retreats, in more than 45 destinations.  

    Tourlane connects their customers with Travel Experts and the destinations they cover are far-reaching—with over 45 countries worldwide available. Whether you’re looking for a self-guided or group tour, Tourlane tailors a trip to fit your needs from start to finish.

    Tourlane Photo Wall in Berlin Office

    Industry insiders believe that travel is moving away from mass tourism towards unique and enriching experiences for the individual. Tourlane embodies this shift in the market and industry leaders such as the founders of Airbnb, GetYourGuide, and Trivago have already invested in Tourlane.

    The American venture capital investor Sequoia recognized early what Tourlane was doing in the travel industry. Having previously financed companies such as Google, Apple, Paypal, YouTube and WhatsApp, they invested in December 2018. Together with previous investors such as DN Capital from London, Holtzbrinck Ventures from Berlin, and Spark Capital from the USA, by May 2019 finance had increased by an additional $47 million. Today, Julian and Julian have collected $81 million within 18 months. 

    “Tourlane's growth path and dedicated community only highlights their unique business model—they’re redefining how people travel,” says Sequoia partner, Andrew Reed. 

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