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The State of Travel in 2021

The Journey Ahead—Forecasted Travel Trends for 2021, Based on the Results of Tourlane’s Travel Survey

    Travel During the 2020 Holiday Season 

    In previous years, the days around Thanksgiving were the busiest on record in terms of passenger travel, numerous passenger travel records were broken. Tourlane’s survey found that more than half of Americans will not travel as expected during the 2020 holiday season.

    Bar chart displaying how many Americans will travel during the holiday season

    The Future of Travel: Tourlane's Travel Survey

    In November 2020, Tourlane polled more than 1,000 travelers to learn about how travel trends have changed in light of the pandemic. The survey results suggest a wave of revenge travel is on the horizon, as more than half of American participants rated travel as a priority 8 or above for next year.

    Revenge travel is a term used to describe people’s urge to travel after a period of restricted movement. Analysts from around the world anticipate that leisure travel will rebound with a vengeance in 2021, as travelers seek to make amends for 2020.

    Infographic displaying how many Americans consider travel to be a top priority

    Long Haul is About to Take Off 

    In 2020, vacationers turned to domestic travel, as countries closed their borders to international tourists. Once borders start to reopen, the forecast for international travel is bright: a staggering 85% of Americans want to travel outside of North America in 2021. 

    The State of Transportation in 2021

    As the pandemic unfolded in spring 2020, with borders closing and distancing measures being introduced, the state of the cruise industry and aviation transformed overnight. However, this period of turbulence may be short lived. Only 15% of Americans will avoid cruise ships in future, and only 17% will fly less often. 

    The State of Transportation in 2021

    How We Produced This Study

    Tourlane polled more than 1,000 participants from our travel community during the first two weeks of October 2020, using a 13-part questionnaire that we distributed to our email subscribers, website visitors, and social communities. After extensive analysis by our team of Travel Experts, we produced the following guide.