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The 10 Most Beautiful Blue Places in the World

Need something beautiful to brighten up your day? It’s time to trade feeling blue for blue skies and dazzling blue waters. Our travel experts have curated a list of 10 of the most beautiful blue places in the world to visit in 2020 - perfect considering that blue is the Color of the Year.*

Like the many shades of blue, our recommended blue destinations each offer something different. From Iceland to India, from Patagonia to Porto, we’ve included a range of extraordinary cities, landscapes, and natural wonders that cater to a range of tastes. It’s time to dive into the most strikingly blue places in the world to lift your mood!

1. Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur is called “The Blue City” as many houses and buildings in the old quarters of the city carry are adorned in this traditional color. There are a range of urban myths on the reasoning behind all of these buildings being blue. The exact reason remains a mystery but one thing is clear: the striking blue city in the state of Rajasthan is absolutely mesmerizing.

2. The Blue Eye, Albania

The Blue Eye in Albania is one of Southern Europe’s best-kept secrets. This hypnotic natural spring in the south of Albania contains the bluest and clearest water imaginable.  A dark blue sapphire patch is located in the centre of the light turquoise waters, reminiscent of the pupil in the centre of the iris. If you visit during the hotter months of the year, be sure to bring your bathing suit and take a dip!

3. Marble Cathedral, Chile

Nestled in gorgeous Patagonia sits Chile's most famous natural wonder, the Marble Cathedral. The best to visit is between December to March; come and marvel at the magical shades of blue which deck the walls of this ancient wonder. Grab a motorboat ride or kayak solo for an unforgettable experience.

4. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Discover the “Blue Pearl of Morocco” in 2020! Chefchaouen is one of Morocco’s most picturesque destinations and with good reason. Its sapphire blue houses and alleyways let you journey into a blue haven.

5. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Indulge yourself in one of the most iconic natural spas in Europe. Enjoy the lagoon’s hot waters - you’ll feel the benefits for your skin for days after. The Blue Lagoon also has a spa center and restaurant for the perfect relaxing day!

6. Santorini, Greece

Santinori is one of the most iconic Greek islands. This world-famous destination allures travelers from far and wide, with its white and blue villas rising elegantly above the Mediterranean waters. Picture-perfect sunsets and shimmering seas await in this mythical island setting.

7. Turquoise Lake, New Zealand

One of many natural wonders of New Zealand, the Tekapo Lake displays a stunning turquoise hue because of the mountain above it. Its beauty is best admired from the south. Depending on the season, it’s also worth seeking out the beautiful purple wildflowers that surround the lake, adding to the serene atmosphere of this unique place.

8. Júzcar, Spain

Like offbeat destinations? Nicknamed 'Smurf Village' Júzcar is a small village in Andalusia. The village's traditional white houses were painted blue to coincide with the release of The Smurfs movie back in 2011. The plan was for the village to revert back to its original white color scheme after the release - but the residents liked it so much, they voted to keep Júzcar blue.

9. Blue Chapel Porto, Portugal

In Porto, Portugal's second city, you'll find a stunning church that goes by the name of Igreja de Santo Ildefonso. This striking place of worship is covered in miles of stunning azulejos tiles. Each of the 11,000 blue-colored tiles has been painted by one artist called Jorge Colaco back in 1932. They blend in perfectly with the blue skies above.

10. Blue Grotto, Croatia

Accessible only by diving until 1884, the Blue Grotto is now one of Croatia's must-see landmarks. Plan your visit to take place between 11am and 2pm - this is the time when the sun hits the cave and creates a true spectacle for explorers to enjoy.

*Pantone Color of the Year 2020: 19-4052 Classic Blue

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