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Tourlane Community Travel Survey

    How have global travel trends, tastes, and preferences evolved in light of Covid-19? Tourlane, the online specialist for tailor-made dream trips, has conducted a survey among its community of travelers to ask about peopleÔÇÖs travel preferences.

    With borders beginning to slowly open back up and the possibility of travel starting to return, we were interested to find out if travelers' preferences have changed and how they are thinking about their next trip. Where do they want to go? Who do they want to go with? And when is the earliest they feel comfortable traveling? Check out the results below!

    Graphic Community Survey, when

    The results show that a majority of respondents (54%) would still like to go on vacation in 2020. Interestingly, one in four travelers would depart right now if they were given the opportunity! In contrast, 46% of travelers have no desire to travel in 2020.

    Community survey - where do you want to go?

    The results of the study show that destinations outside of Europe are most popular. South Africa, New Zealand, and Canada are the three most popular destinations within the Tourlane community of travelers, followed by Costa Rica and Namibia which close the top five.

    Community survey - what kind of trip do you want to go on?

    A city break? No thanks! Unsurprisingly, after many weeks of confinement indoors, an escape to the great outdoors is what travelers want the most. The second most-popular coveted trip type by travelers right now is a safari vacation.

    Community survey - who do you want to travel with?

    Despite the social isolation that distancing and quarantine has imposed upon travelers around the world, solo travel remains a popular travel trend: 19% of travelers responded that they would like to travel alone on their next adventure. The most popular response was to travel with a partner. Only 13% selected friends as their desired companion.

    How We Produced This Study

    In order to carry out this study, Tourlane distributed a questionnaire to its community of travellers via its newsletter and social networks. The company then counted the number of responses in Tourlane's four main languages: German, French, Dutch and English. Nearly 600 people from Tourlane's worldwide travel community took part in the survey. The answers were collected between 04.29.2020 and 05.12.2020.