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Header of the most instagrammed islands, featuring a palm tree and instagrammable beach

The 50 Most Instagrammed Islands in the World

    Where are the most instagrammed islands in the world? From Bali to Bora Bora, sharing vacation snaps on social media has become an essential part of the travel experience itself. Heavenly white beaches, inviting blue waters, and awe-inspiring views are captured every day by awestruck travelers. These images provide inspiration for other travelers in search of their next vacation destination, or for those of us looking for a virtual vacation from home.

    To inspire travel lovers, Tourlane, the online travel website for tailor-made dream travel, has investigated the top vacation islands around the world to determine which have been instagrammed the most to date. After researching hundreds of islands, we’ve created a  shortlist of 50 to take you away. Transport yourself to a secluded paradise by checking out our Top 50 Most Instagrammed Islands ranking below!

    The 50 Most Popular Islands on Instagram

    1. #Bali - 60,473,066 hashtags

    Also known as the “Island of the Gods,” Bali has become synonymous with social media itself. Its extraordinary beauty and popularity with millennials means it is by far the most instagrammed island in the world. Millions of travelers are drawn to its immense beauty, volcanic landscapes, and coral reefs every year. Whether you’re looking for a restful retreat or a more lively beach vacation, Bali has it all.

    Beautiful temple ruin in Bali's jungle to visit during your Bali trip.

    2. #Ibiza, Spain - 16,320,328 hashtags

    Since the 1980s, Ibiza has been famous as a party destination, and rightly so - the island is home of the world’s biggest clubbing institutions. However, there is so much more to this stunning Balearic isle than nightlife. Explorers will find quaint, secluded villages and deserted beaches that make it the perfect place for yoga and relaxation. You’ll find the inviting blue waters that surround this island impossible to resist.

    See the blue instagrammable waters of a quiet bay in Ibiza on a tour of Spain

    3. #Sicily, Italy - 12,974,059 hashtags

    The largest of the Mediterranean islands, Sicily boasts a rich and varied history, having been ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Normans, Swabians, and Spaniards - just to name a few. It is home to some of the best-preserved Greek ruins in the world, as well as Mount Etna - the tallest volcano in Europe that is still active. Its appealing climate and delectable cuisine make it a favorite with travelers around the world.

    Europe - Italy - Sicily - Coast of Catania cruise port seen from the bat, blue skies and blue ocean and smoking volcano.

    Table of the world's most instagrammed islands, rank 1-15

    What other islands feature in the top 50? Majorca, the beautiful Balearic island that is particularly popular with Brits and Germans, places fourth in the ranking. The most instagrammed island in North America is Maui, the second-largest of the Hawaiian island that is famous for its incredible beaches and volcanic landscape. With its stunning whitewashed villas, Santorini is the highest-placing Greek island in the ranking. Bora Bora in French Polynesia is the highest-ranking island in Oceania

    Table of the world's most instagrammed islands, rank 16-33

    In the middle section of the table, you’ll find the popular vacation island of Sylt - which is the most instagrammable island in Germany. Famous for its summer festival, the Isle of Wight is the most instagrammable island in England, while the secluded Isle of Skye is the most instagrammable island in Scotland. Reunion, a remote French island in the Indian Ocean, is the most instagrammable island in Africa.

    Table of the world's most instagrammed islands, rank 34-50

    How We Produced This Ranking

    For this ranking, all islands that are not sovereign nations were considered. For example, Bali was considered but Iceland was not. 

    Based on our extensive research, we created a shortlist of 50 islands. Using Instagram as a reference, we counted the number of hashtags associated with each island in Tourlane’s four core languages: German, French, Dutch, and English. For some islands, there is only one spelling (e.g. Bali), and for others, there are multiple spellings (e.g. Majorca). In the cases where the island is spelled in different ways, we added together the different hashtag counts (e.g. #Majorca + #Mallorca). The total hashtag score is the number of hashtags in all four languages. We excluded islands with less than 100,000 hashtags combined.  

    We conducted the research on April 8th, 2020. For any questions or requests, please contact: press@tourlane.com