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Frau, die den Sonnenuntergang auf Berggipfel beobachtet

Tourlane Studies and Campaigns

    At Tourlane, we're proud to produce and release inspirational travel content based on research every single month. We're excited to share our latest studies and research pieces on the topic of travel right here - check out our latest campaigns below.

    The World’s Most Walkable Cities

    Walking is free, easy, and healthy, helping you to find out what makes a city unique. Walking also benefits the environment—as fewer vehicles means fewer emissions. 

    The Safest Places to Travel Once Travel Bans Are Lifted

    Travel lovers everywhere are dreaming of their next destinations and hoping that 2021 will be a safe year to travel and explore the world.

    Pool in Fiji

    The Best National Parks in the USA

    Grab your hiking boots—it’s time for a road trip around the best national parks in the USA! 

    Solo adventurer exploring Yosemite National Park on a United States tour

    The Best Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

    What are the best ways to stay safe while traveling? We've produced a guide together with an ex-NATO director—our Head of Safety, Johann Jones⁠—to help you stay safe.

    Discover the beauty of the Big Sur on a California tour

    The Best Cities for Sustainable Travel

    As a carbon neutral travel company, we're passionate about sustainable travel. To help travelers identify the best cities for an eco-friendly getaway, we’ve produced a ranking of the top 50 most eco-friendly destinations. 

    Discover Berlin, the world's best city for a sustainable vacation

    Tourlane Community Travel Survey

    How have global travel trends, tastes, and preferences evolved in light of recent events? Tourlane, the online specialist for tailor-made dream trips, has conducted a survey among its community of travelers to ask about people’s travel preferences.

    Mann und Frau in Landschaft mit Heißluftballons über Gebirge

    The 50 Most Instagrammed Islands in the World

    To inspire travelers around the world, Tourlane has researched the 50 most instagrammed islands across the globe that would be perfect as a future vacation destination.

    Beautiful temple ruin in Bali's jungle to visit during your Bali trip.

    The Best Cities for Female Solo Travelers

    To celebrate International Women's Day and to inspire female solo travelers across the world, Tourlane created a special ranking on the top 50 cities for female solo travelers to visit.

    Female solo traveler looks out at the skyline of one of the world's best cities for female solo travelers

    20 Destinations That Have Transformed the Most in 20 Years

    As two decades have now passed since the turn of the millennium, Tourlane decided to investigate which cities that are now popular travel destinations have transformed the most in the last 20 years.

    View of modern buildings in Beijing, China

    The 10 Most Beautiful Blue Places in the World

    To brighten up Blue Monday, Tourlane has produced a guide to the 10 most beautiful blue places in the world that every traveler should visit in their lifetime.

    Enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the Blue Lagoon thermal spa in Iceland on an Iceland vacation package

    8 Exotic Places to Travel to This Winter, for Less than the Price of a Ski Vacation

    From Australia to Argentina, Tourlane has researched eight exotic destinations around the world that are cheaper to visit than going on a ski vacation in the USA.

    Go on a Cook Islands vacation to see palm trees on white sands of Rarotonga Muri Beach Lagune.