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See the Finnieston Bridge at sunset on a Glasgow vacation


Glasgow Vacations

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Travel to Glasgow on Vacation

When you travel to Glasgow, you'll find a port city and artistic hub that has enjoyed a cultural renaissance as of late. Explore its many Victorian and art nouveau architectural landmarks, many of which are a lasting legacy of prosperity during the late 1800s. Experience spirits—in one form or another—at the eerie beauty of the Glasgow Necropolis or in the city center at one of the many pubs. Glaswegians, or "Weegies" as they’re affectionately known, love their bar culture—so grab a “bevy” and settle in for a night of tall tales.

  • 1. Riverside Museum

  • 2. Glasgow Cathedral

  • 3. Glasgow Necropolis

  • 4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Things to Do in Glasgow

1. Riverside Museum

If you’re interested in transport, be sure to visit this contemporary museum as part of your Glasgow vacation. Located on the River Clyde’s northern bank, it beckons you with whimsical architecture and interactive exhibits. Admire the zig-zag zinc roof before heading inside for a tour of transportation—past, present, and future. Check out the museum's most beloved exhibit: a replica of Glasgow’s Main Street in the 1920s, complete with shops and vehicles.

2. Glasgow Cathedral

Built before the Reformation in the late 12th century, the city’s cathedral is a must-see during your Glasgow trip. A stunning example of Gothic architecture, this magisterial cathedral is located in the city center’s High Street, and close to the Necropolis. Take a tour of the interior to see the magnificent arches and stained glass. Below, in the crypt, see the column inscribed with a Hebrew—whose origin is yet unknown—and observe the resting place of Saint Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow.

3. Glasgow Necropolis

Cross Scotland’s Bridge of Sighs to enter the Glasgow Necropolis, an ornate Victorian cemetery where over 3,500 people have been laid to rest. Colloquially known as the “city of the dead,” this stunning cemetery rises away from you in grassy steps like an amphitheater. Some headstones are small and unmarked, while others are grand and decorated with dedications. Scan the stones for a high Doric column with a bearded man on top, a monument to John Knox, the leader of Scotland’s Reformation.

4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

If you travel to Glasgow, allow enough time to enjoy the city’s West End and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It houses 22 comprehensive galleries, ranging from Renaissance paintings to taxidermy animals, as well as Egyptian treasures. Completed in 1901, this museum has a distinctive Spanish Baroque exterior. The venue hosts a variety of events—see if you can catch a concert in the grand hall or an artist talk in one of the cozy wings. Less

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