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Oceania Tours

The exotic and diverse lands of the South Pacific

Plan Your Own Dream Oceania Vacation

Encompassing large countries and modestly sized islands, Oceania’s span reaches the east and western hemispheres. Totaling a population of around 40 million and with 14 countries (plus islands) under its regional banner, it’s a part of the world that will blow you away as you encounter cosmopolitan cities, one of a kind wildlife, and natural landscapes that have everything from the stunning to surreal. The Pacific Ocean connects lands that are home to intriguing cultures steeped in history, from the craggy Australian outback to the achingly epic mountain ranges of New Zealand - where Lord of the Rings was filmed.

From the Outback to the Home of the Hobbits


Travel to Australia to experience the world’s sixth-largest country. You’ll visit some of planet Earth’s ultimate bucket-list destinations. Stylish, active, laid back—you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of unique adventures discovered in the land nicknamed "Down Under." Stellar coastlines meet cool-down waters brimming with colorful species not found anywhere else (Great Barrier Reef). On land, you’ll bump into gigantic landmarks such as Uluru Rock when journeying through red-hot Outback. Australia, a country so big it’s called a continent, awaits your arrival.

New Zealand

In the southwest of the Pacific Ocean is New Zealand, a biodiverse land of bewildering beauty. With fewer residents than Louisiana, travel in New Zealand is a some supreme opportunity to leave it all behind and get lost in nature. Whether you choose a beach surf over a mountain hike, hot springs instead of cave expeditions, there is no wrong decision when deciding where to go next on this explorer island nation.


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