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View of a picturesque village on the island of Corsica

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    Our Expert Tips for Your Corsica Tour

    Plan a Corsica vacation and discover one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands, also known as the "mountains in the sea". Because of all the islands of the Mediterranean, Corsica is the most mountainous. The French island offers 70 proud peaks, some of which are over 6,000 feet high. As a perfect contrast to spectacular hikes through nature, fantastic coastal stretches with the finest sandy beaches invite you to sunbathe and relax. Enjoy the Mediterranean life and explore picturesque towns such as Bastia and Calvi, or the idyllic mountain villages of Occi and Speloncato.

    Top Attractions to Visit During Your Corsica Tour

    Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean way of life and enjoy the unique mix of wild nature, paradisiacal coasts, culture and enjoyment en masse in the worth seeing towns and villages of the island. Let our travel experts advise you and get tips on what you should not miss on your vacation in Corsica.

    What is the Food and Culture Like in Corsica?

    • Culture in Corsica

      Culture in Corsica

      Culture and tradition are firmly anchored in Corsica. Some of the customs have been preserved for centuries. During the numerous festivals of Corsica, you can experience the culture of Corsica up close. The island is also known for the traditional Corsican songs Paghjella.

    • Fish soup - a special dish that you should try during your holiday in Corsica.

      Eating in Corsica

      The cuisine of Corsica is similar to that of mainland France, complete with Italian influences. Typical Corsican specialities include aziminu, a fish soup served with toasted bread and a garlic sauce, and the stew stufatu with lamb, pasta and cheese.

    Where to Go on a Tour of Corsica?


    Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Corsica is the artists' village of Pigna in the north of the island. Enjoy the wonderful tranquillity as you stroll through the car-free streets. Blue shutters adorn the medieval facades and in the narrow streets you will find small shops selling handicrafts. Pigna reveals its magic in the evening, when the setting sun bathes the landscape around the village in its magical light.

    Désert des Agriates

    The Désert des Agriates is a desert-like coastal strip in the north of Corsica. Although the area is known as the "Agriates desert", the landscape along the 40 kilometres of coastline is a magnificent sight, especially in spring. Then the rocky desert appears in lush green and colourful flowers decorate the scenery. The Désert des Agriates is best explored on foot or by mountain bike.

    Île de la Pietra

    The rocky island of La Pietra is located in front of the harbour town of Ile Rousse. The Île de la Pietra is connected to the city by a dam. The island impresses with its imposing rocky landscape with a small lighthouse - the perfect place to admire the sunset.


    Calvi is the fourth largest city in Corsica and invites you not only to wander through the picturesque old town alleys but also to sunbathe on the city beach. You should also not miss the phenomenal view from the citadel. Less

    Useful Information for Your Corsica Vacation

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